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Emmie and The Fierce Dragon

For ages pre-school to 8 years & beyond

The story is about a small girl who offers her skills to a skeptical townsfolk that are afraid of a large, fierce and mischievous dragon. There is conflict resolution without adult intervention and the book's main character, Emmie, handles things in her own unique way.

There are themes of trust, acceptance, confidence and courage.

There is a strong sense of "self" that children can relate to and identify with. 

“...charming and endearing”
—Kathryn Cole, Managing Editor, Second Story Press

“This beautiful book is a treasure.”
—Susan Einerssen, Owner, Gallery 421

The Jewel

For ages 8 - 12 years & beyond

Friends Grey Wolf and Little Bear find a beautiful jewel that may be more than what it seems. But are they able to keep their friendship intact after the changes that it brings? The Jewel will carry you back to a time when the buffalo roamed over the foothills and to a discovery that could change two friends forever.

“...as with all good stories I could see the images the words wove in my mind's eye.”
—Vance Theoret, Stone Carver

“The Jewel is packed full of 'hidden gems'... It was a pleasure to read!”
—Christa Stehr, B.Ed., MACP, Educator

“...a well-written adventure story”
—Kathryn Cole, Managing Editor, Second Story Press

Enjoy the books, read to your children and tell your friends...

100% Canadian written, illustrated and produced