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Praise for The Jewel 

Carrie Stanton’s book, The Jewel, explores the relationship that exists between the individual and the collective and creates a narrative that reinforces key values of friendship, peace, and bravery through the use of different dialogues and tropes. This narrative, best navigated through the relationship between Grey Wolf and Little Bear, creates a familiar parable structure which sets out the larger morals of her story – morals which actively develop the listener to learn skillful ways to face the challenges of modern society. Whether in dialogue around the unity or isolation between Grey Wolf and Little Bear, in exploration of the use of the different settings (village vs. tent; village vs. forest; forest vs. pit; etc.), or in dualities of light and dark, the Jewel is a real gem! - I highly recommend this book for all ages. 

- C. Ian Tuckey, Edmonton AB

First of all, I would say I recommend the Jewel for all ages, even for me. I’m 11, so I’m not totally a baby nor an adult, but I can clearly see that all or most will certainly enjoy reading the Jewel. So even if the story is too young for adults I think you should buy it just for it’s spectacular artwork. Also what I love about the author Carrie Stanton is her amazing descriptions. Especially her personifications. I mean she’s talented. So that's a review of the Jewel from an 11 year old and I totally loved it and recommend it to all ages. 

- Nicholas L. (Age 11)

“… lovely and inspiring …

- Margaret Newton, Manager/Bibliographic Services, Marigold Library Services

“A good engaging story and lovely message … the illustrations are a perfect match for the content and tone of the book. I loved it.”

- Dr. Deb Dobson, Registered Psychologist, Diplomate, Academy Of Cognitive Therapy, Adjunct Professor, Dept. Of Psychology, University Of Calgary

“A thoroughly delightful book! It was wonderful to see a book based on the culture of our First Nations people. I hope that many young First Nations read this story and realize the beauty of their culture. And, the importance of friendship and family for all of us. I enjoyed the illustrations by James Pantuso, he made the story come alive. I know my granddaughter, who is 12, will enjoy the book as well. You have a special talent, thank you!”

- Darlene Sochan, Cochrane, AB.

“What a powerful story with all the authentic details gleaned from (the author’s) research. Love the use of that magnificent quote, the use of colour and incorporating text as an additional graphic element. A beautiful book!”

- Geanine Robey, Social Worker, Victoria, B.C.
"What a great story!"

- Pat Komarniski, Sherwood Park, AB

"This book is fantastic!!! It is such a unique read, I haven't heard of any other book like it! Wow! Such a good read! ... an amazing job yet again!! And I love the illustrations! The pictures and the colors - they build along with the story! The colours and the imagery- such a great compliment to (the) enticing and creative words!"

- Jessica Rose, St. Albert, AB

Praise for Emmie and the Fierce Dragon 

                                        Danielle (Age 4)

“...charming and endearing”

- Kathryn Cole, Managing Editor, Second Story Press

“I loved this! The simple act of kindness and a sincere offer of friendship tamed the fierce dragon and is a wonderful tale for everyone regardless of age. This will definitely be a staff pick for me!”

- Kathleen, Chapters Shawnessy

“My favourite character was the dragon - he looked really cute and he was kind of nice and kind of mean. I like Emmie's bravery. I like all the juicy words. The illustrations were really good."

- Sarah G. (Age 8)

"It was very interesting and I like the descriptive words. I like the bravery of the girl Emmie. My favorite character was the dragon because he was interesting when he burned the peoples picnic blanket and burned the bridge underneath the peoples feet!"

- Grace G. (Age 10)

"This beautiful book totally charmed me on so many different levels! Sonia Leung’s illustrations are so on-point... I look forward to your next magical book!"

- Darlene Sochan, Cochrane, AB

"This beautiful book is a treasure."

- Susan Einerssen, Owner, Gallery 421, Kelowna, B.C.

"We absolutely LOVE Emmie and the Fierce Dragon!! Its my little one's favourite book; Sonia Leung is an amazing artist!"

- Jessica Rose, St. Albert, AB